Paolo Spinoglio


The Paolo Spinoglio association, run by the Spinoglio family in Italy, is an association dedicated to protect and valorize the art work of Paolo Spinoglio from painting, sculptors and designs.

The aim of the project was to create a nice design to reflect the artistic brand and showcase the works done. The website was also adapted in 3 different languages including, English, Italian and Chinese.

What I've done

  1. Planned out the content and the flow of information that was displayed.
  2. Researched and learned more about the brand of Paolo Spinoglio through different social media channels.
  3. Worked on selected images and photos to include on the website.
  4. Created a showcase of different art work while describing each of them.
  5. Created an events CMS collection to advertise the upcoming, past and current events hosted by the association.
  6. Set up contact forms to be sent out to the client.
  7. Translated the website into both Italian and Chinese using content provided by the client.
  8. Created specific responsive elements for mobile screens.

Paolo Spinoglio - Website screenshot

Paolo Spinoglio - Website screenshot
'Yar is simply top level in each aspect. Design, style, communication and attitude."

Francesco Spinoglio

The Paolo Spinoglio association