Mobeldesignmuseum, a renowned museum of furniture studies in Stockholm, sought to modernize their website and migrate to Webflow to better manage their extensive collection of design pieces. By leveraging Webflow's powerful CMS capabilities, we were able to create a dynamic and easily maintainable website that showcases their impressive collection and inspires interest in furniture design.

About Mobeldesignmuseum

Founded in 2018 by design duo Kersti Sandin & Lars Bülow, Mobeldesignmuseum exhibits their private collection of over 800 design furniture pieces from more than 300 designers worldwide. As one of Europe's largest private design collections open to the public, the museum aims to spark interest in furniture design among students, professionals, and design enthusiasts alike.

What I've done

  1. Webflow development, ensuring a visually appealing and responsive design
  2. Comprehensive CMS management to handle the extensive collection of furniture pieces
  3. Implementation of complex filters and customization to cater to client-specific needs
  4. Meticulous attention to detail throughout the development process to guarantee optimal performance

End Result:

The Mobeldesignmuseum team enjoyed:

  • A modern, user-friendly website that effectively showcases their vast furniture collection
  • Streamlined management and maintenance with Webflow's intuitive CMS
  • Advanced filtering options, enabling visitors to easily navigate and explore the museum's offerings
  • Enhanced online presence, attracting a broader audience and fostering interest in furniture design

Super talented and great service minded. Most likely the best Webflow dev on the platform! Adding him to my freelance roster asap! :)
Yar was very accommodating and wanted the website to be as good as our team wanted it. He is very persistent with upholding customer satisfaction.

Leo Bülow

Head of digital & Branding
@ The Museum of furniture design