Project summary

Working closely with Antoine, we embarked on a collaborative journey to design and develop the Loopix website. Our creative process started with brainstorming and refining ideas in Figma, where we meticulously crafted each page's design. Once satisfied, we brought the designs to life using Webflow, incorporating a range of powerful features to enhance the user experience. Finally, the website was migrated to Shopify for seamless hosting and management.

What I've Done:

  • Collaborated with Antoine on design iterations in Figma
  • Developed responsive and visually appealing pages in Webflow
  • Implemented various features to improve functionality and user experience
  • Migrated the website to Shopify for optimal hosting and management

End Result:

Antoine and the Loopix team benefitted from:

  • A visually engaging, user-friendly website that reflects their brand identity
  • Enhanced functionality, resulting in a seamless user experience
  • Streamlined management and hosting on the Shopify platform
  • Increased conversions and customer satisfaction due to improved website performance



Full page view

loopix -design full page