Downstream, a leading trash management service, sought a comprehensive website overhaul to cater to both business and consumer segments. We collaborated closely with the client, starting with the design process in Figma and then bringing the vision to life using Webflow. Working in tandem with the content team, we ensured that the website showcased the company's offerings effectively while delivering a seamless user experience.

About Downstream

Downstream is a dedicated trash management service specializing in providing efficient waste disposal solutions to businesses and consumers. They are committed to maintaining a clean environment and promoting sustainable practices in waste management.

Downstream - Website screenshot

What I've Done:

  • Designed the website from scratch using Figma based on the client's sitemap and requirements
  • Developed responsive and visually appealing pages in Webflow
  • Seamlessly expanded the website to accommodate projects for both businesses and consumers
  • Collaborated with the content team to finalize and update the website content
  • Implemented integrations and filtering options where necessary
  • Structured the CMS according to the client's needs for streamlined management

End Result:

The Downstream team benefitted from:

  • A polished, user-friendly website that effectively highlights their trash management services
  • A responsive design that caters to both business and consumer segments
  • Efficient collaboration with the content team to ensure up-to-date and relevant information
  • Advanced integrations and filtering options for enhanced website functionality
  • Effortless CMS management, allowing the client to maintain and update the website with ease

Downstream - Website screenshot

Downstream - Website screenshot