Blank Farm


Blank Farm is an e-commerce website that provides premium spirits with customized bottle labels. I worked together with Lucija , a colleague designer, on redesigning the website in a way that matches the image of the brand and display the different variations of the product possible.

My role in the project

  1. Worked together with the designer Lucija, on creating a new website for Blank Farm.
  2. Converted the designs from Figma onto Webflow.
  3. Setup the e-commerce side of the Website.
  4. Integrated all the necessary APIs and third party tools to allow purchases and transactions.
  5. Created different variations of the imagery to showcase the product.
"We work with a few freelancers and Yar is by far our favorite to work with. He works quickly and delivers an immaculate product! Would definitely recommend working with him."

Charles Sachs

Founder of Blank Farm